Nathan ShuDirecting

Nathan Shu is a theatre artist from Houston, Texas, currently finishing his degree in directing. He is interested in experimenting in different forms of performance with the hopes of creating theatre that complicates, deepens, and disrupts our understanding of what it means to exist as humans. He has spent the past four years training in various performance techniques (Suzuki Method, Six Viewpoints, Red Nose Clown, Neutral Mask, etc.) and conducting personal experiments to deepen his understanding of how the actor can use their body to craft powerful scenic presence (what he believes is theatre’s most important quality). He has directed and created performances such as In Passing, The Tragedy of Clownpheus and EurydIce-cream (with Erik Peterson), directed Beckett’s Not I and Fornes’s Mud, held workshops and readings for plays such as Fool for Love, Eh Joe, and Sender, and just returned from an exchange in Japan where he saw and studied various Japanese theatre including SCOT, Noh, Kabuki, Rakugo, Butoh, and Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project.