Bianca SanbornActing

A loud and proud Bengals fan, Bianca Sanborn is a Cincinnati native with a fervor for thrill. They’ve pursued their BFA at the Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts to nourish their desire for a creative life. Throughout their time here, Bianca’s passions have only deepened–particularly for new works, dance, comedy, directing, and Shakespearean work. They are an artist who pursues outside-of-the-box endeavors, and who is particularly interested in work that pushes boundaries. They wish to explore works within the theatre and dance world as well as outside those fields, such as stand-up and sketch comedy. They have a passion for the peculiar and strange and wish to continue exploring these throughout their career. Some of their favorite projects have been The Living, Urinetown, A Bright Room Called Day, as well as getting the opportunity to do new works at St. Louis Shakespeare Festival’s “New Confluence Play Festival.” Finally, Bianca plans on taking these words to the grave: WHO DEY!